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Wellbeing From Source


Women's Health Coaching

Detox - Nourish - Flourish

Are you struggling with:


Low energy

Period pains


Brain fog




If so, I feel your pain and frustration as I’ve been there myself.

After years of natural healing, I am now here to guide you on your journey to restored health so that you too will feel energised, productive, clear-headed, and be able to successfully achieve your goals.

I am a CNM qualified Health Coach that takes an in-depth, holistic and personalised approach to enable you to tackle the causes and barriers you are facing to living your most fulfilled and productive life. 

I also offer supplementary testing services to help deliver targeted health plans. 

My mission:

"To empower ambitious women to gain autonomy and control over their health by having the awareness, knowledge and tools to do so."

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My Programmes

My programmes work by:

  • Identifying the root causes of your health and wellbeing concerns 

  • Developing personalised health coaching plans

  • Keeping you accountable and motivated so that you really achieve your health and wellness goals

  • Providing you with tools to accomplish sustainable, long-lasting lifestyle changes

My Prorammes

Featured offer!

FREE 10-day trial of my Health Coaching services on the Healthi Wealthi App.

What's included?


Your habit tracker

Unlimited chat support

1-1 video check-ins

Weekly group coaching calls

AND you'll get financially rewarded for your progress!

No bank details needed. No strings attached.

1-1 Coaching Packages











As your coach I will design your programme specially towards your needs. I will guide you through, motivate you, hold you accountable and help you uncover your unique success strategy.

My sessions are mainly carried out over zoom however, if you are based in North London I can arrange sessions at your home or location of your choice.​



The best things in life are those that mother earth has provided us with herself. At Wellbeing From Source, we focus on long-term solutions and natural practices that you will always have access to.

My Values


"If you give a man a fish, he eats for a day; if you teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime." At Wellbeing From Source, we provide you with tools to help you gain control and make changes that will last a lifetime.


One of the main objectives at Wellbeing From Source is to provide a community to connect, learn and grow together.

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Download my free e-book

 How My Health Has Led To My Wealth

Inside you will learn about:

  • My personal health journey

  • The 4 steps I took to rid myself of my health symptoms

  • 3 ways my improved health has led to my wealth today

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Free Resources

Collaboration Opportunities

If you are a health professional with aligned values and interested in collaborating, I would love to hear from you.

My Testimonials

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"With my struggle managing stress I have caused myself issues from weight loss to hormonal imbalances.


Fiona has introduced me to a variety of different practices in order to cope/ remedy these issues. Since incorporating these practices into my daily routine my mind has become much clearer and I have much more energy!


Fiona has introduced me to morning juice cleanses and incorporating healing foods into my diet which has helped me so much with my skin issues. Not only have these cleared up, but I have gained so much confidence!"

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