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My Story

I believe that every challenge provides an opportunity for change. When we experience setbacks or resistance in certain areas of our life, it's usually a blessing in disguise that is pushing us closer in the direction that is meant for us to flourish.

My hormone test results after many years of:

  • Running on caffeine and adrenaline

  • Under eating in fear of losing my figure 

  • Living in an unconscious state of stress


These results really shook me up as becoming a mother one day means everything to me, it's all I've ever dreamt of. So, this is my ultimate driving force to put my health first now. However, not only do we need healthy hormones to procreate but we also need them for our bone health, immune system, breast health, brain health, gut health and more!

In addition to this, I also used to experience period pains which was something that I thought was normal and that all women experience as part of menstruation. It wasn't until I started detoxing that my period pains ceased to exist! 

Since going through my own health journey of detoxing and rebalancing my hormones, I now support other women on their journeys to a restored sense of wellness so that they can live a productive and fulfilled life.

We all deserve to flourish.

Find out about my Wellness Programmes here

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My Qualifications

  • BSc Psychology degree from The University of Manchester

  • Health Coach diploma from the College of Naturopathic Medicine

  • The Art & Science of Self-Healing from Lifestyle Prescriptions® University

  • Life Coach diploma from the Centre of Excellence

  • Organic Skincare Business Diploma from the Centre of Excellence

  • Reiki first and second degree from The Reiki Academy

  • Human Design reader


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