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My Health Story

Holistic Health Coach

Hi my names Fiona! I’m a holistic Health Coach that supports women to live a productive and successful life by overcoming their health burdens. Typically these include women struggling with their energy levels, weight, stress, period pains and fertility. If you are struggling with any of these health burdens yourself, I feel your pain and frustration as I have lived through these too.

In this blog I’m going to share with you my personal story, how I got into what I do best and how I use my experience and knowledge to help other women on their journeys to restored health.

As a young adult I experienced period pains, brain fog, acne, low energy levels, low moods and anxiety. Little did I know that these were symptoms and indicators of sub-optimal health. Most women I knew experienced all the above. I thought this was normal. This was also before I knew much about living a healthy lifestyle. So to combat my low energy levels and low moods I loved to run on caffeine. I felt unstoppable until I would crash in the afternoon.

Brain fog, low energy levels, period pains

In addition to my caffeine addiction, I also had an addiction to pushing myself to my limits to accomplish as much as I could. Only until recently I had been working 3 jobs, studying, maintaining a relationship and caring for my family and my dog!

In the summer of 2020 when the country came to a standstill due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I started really getting into learning about health and wellbeing. I started to learn about all the toxins in our environment and in our bodies. This is when I tried my first gentle detox with zero expectations of the impact it would have.

WOW the changes that happened to my body after just a few weeks was incredible! My skin started to glow, I had so much mental clarity my brain fog had gone, and so too my period pains! I now know that despite these symptoms being common, they are NOT normal and we can live a productive life without having to suffer from these symptoms. This experience is what led me on my journey to become a Health Coach so that I could share my experiences and wisdom with others and guide them to a restored sense of health!

Natural detox cleanse

Shortly after qualifying, I took Future Woman’s advanced hormone test out of curiosity and to learn what the process would be like for my own clients that would be taking their tests. At this time I had been living a healthy lifestyle (despite my hectic work life balance situation) and had barely any symptoms, so when my results came back showing that my oestrogen and progesterone levels were so low that it was unlikely that I had ovulated that month it was totally unexpected. Becoming a mother is all I have ever dreamt of, so seeing these results scared me!

Fertility, hormone imbalance

It's possible that my low toxic lifestyle and healthy diet had hidden my experience of any of the typical symptoms related to low oestrogen and progesterone. However, what I did realise is that my body was tired. I’ve always worked it to it’s limit to accomplish as much as I could. My adrenals were tired and my nervous system was tired. Since receiving my test results I’ve been supporting and nurturing my adrenal glands and nervous system and promoting my hormone production through supplementation, nutrition and stress relieving practices.

I can’t express how blessed I feel that I was able to find this out now before I started trying to conceive. I can now work on my hormone health without the pressure of trying to get pregnant right now. So yes, you can be walking around with no symptoms and have significant hormonal imbalances to the point that you’re not actually ovulating.

My message to women that want to conceive at some point is to get a full hormone MOT to check that everything is in balance to give yourself a chance to work on bringing your hormones back into balance naturally if need be, so that when the time comes your hormones will be ready!

The testing process with Future Woman was so smooth, easy to do and completely non-intrusive. Future Woman also provide so much additional support in terms of any questions you have around testing or in regards to your personal circumstances. I’m so grateful to have found such an efficient, practical and supportive company that genuinely care about the people they’re providing testing for.

To take the hormone test I took, you can order it here using my practitioner code FIONA10 to get 10% off.

To find out how you can work with me you can visit my website


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