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4 Tips to Prevent Veganuary from Backfiring on You

Whether or not you are taking part in the Veganuary challenge, making the effort to include more fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet is only going to do you the world of good for your energy levels, productivity and disease prevention.

Vegan or Plant-based Diet Advice

Time and time again I see people try the vegan diet and fail to reap the benefits of it because:

1️⃣ They simply swap their meat for processed vegan “meat”

2️⃣ They restrict their diet instead of taking the opportunity to expand it

3️⃣ They forget about their Calcium intake

4️⃣ They forget to take supplements

I have also witnessed people thrive off of it, reverse diseases, eczema and more.

What these people did:

✅ Swapped their meat for wholefood sources of protein e.g. chickpeas, lentils, legumes

✅ Expanded their diet, increasing the variety of foods on their plate

✅ Intentionally included vegan sources of calcium e.g. almonds, chia seeds, dried figs, sun flower seeds, broccoli

✅ Took at least vitamin D3 and B12 (liquid for is best)

For further dietary advice feel free to get in contact 🙂


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