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The Hidden Truths Behind Weight-loss

Hi my names Fiona! I’m a naturopathic Health Coach that supports women to naturally restore hormonal imbalances.

In this article I’m going to share with you the hidden truths about weight-loss that I’ve learnt through my practice, but first I want to explain my approach to weight-loss.

Yes, I believe we should feel empowered and confident in our own skin and looking in the mirror and feeling comfortable in our own bodies is important. However, in my practice this is only the by-product of the work we accomplish. Health comes first.

So the first thing I do when working with clients is undertake a full body MOT. I investigate their health history, how well their 7 bodily systems are working and their current lifestyle. From this we can discover the root cause of the weight-gain and the barriers to weight-loss.


So here’s hidden truth number 1:

It’s NOT about the quantity of the calories, it’s about the quality of the calories.

Here is the problem with poor calories. If the calories you are intaking are low in nutrients (regardless of if they are high or low in count), your body will not be satisfied and that’s what can cause cravings and snacking on the wrong types of food.

Additionally, if the calories you are consuming (even if they are low in count) are high in sugar or even artificial sweeteners, your blood sugar levels will spike. When this happens your insulin levels also spike which inhibits your body from breaking down fat.

So, if you go to the supermarket and see a quick and easy processed meal that is low in calories and is being marketed as an ideal meal for people that want to manage their weight – put it right back on the shelf!

If you want to manage your weight you must stop thinking about the calories and start thinking about the quality of the food you are consuming.

I recommend eating fresh wholefoods high in nutrients and aim for a rainbow coloured plate! Increasing the quality of your meals will prevent cravings and will keep your blood sugar levels balanced so that your body can efficiently break-down fat.

Hidden truth number 2:

Overexercising and undereating can prevent weight-loss.

I see many women who are doing daily strenuous workouts and keeping their calorie intake super low but are stuck wondering why they have plateaued on their weight-loss journey. “It doesn’t make sense” they think. “I’m burning so much and eating little, it doesn’t add up”. So, here’s the truth…

Overexercising and undereating causes a lot of stress on your body and this has a direct impact on your hormones. In particular, your stress hormone cortisol. When cortisol levels are too high for too long, it prevents your body from breaking down fat.

Additionally, not eating enough throughout the day and eating the wrong types of foods messes with your blood sugar levels, which also prevents your body from breaking down fat.

If this sounds like you and you’re feeling stuck wondering why your fat isn’t shifting, it’s important to find out what the right exercise balance and nutritional intake is for your individual body.

Hidden truth number 3:

The quick win is only a short-term victory.

I’ve lost count of the number of women I’ve met that have tried a fad diet that worked at the time but have put whatever they lost back on AND MORE.

The problem with strict low calorie diets is that they aren’t sustainable and they put stress on your organs. When the body isn’t getting enough nutrients it thinks it’s in starvation mode, so when you do start eating more the body will try to hold onto the fat as a safety mechanism.

So yes, if you want to lose weight quickly then these strict low calorie diets can get you there, but not only is that at the expense of your health, it is also extremely likely that you will actually end up at a worse position than before you started it.

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