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How to Avoid Afternoon Energy Crashes

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

After years of running on caffeine and adrenaline resulting in hormonal imbalances, I’m all too familiar with afternoon crashes. I used to arrive home from my day job dragging my feet through the front door. Having planned to go to the gym and cook a healthy dinner, my mind and body would say NO! I would slump onto the sofa craving carbs and sugar. I felt sluggish, unhappy and disappointed in myself.


After detoxing, nourishing myself and attuning to my body’s needs I am now here to share my learnings and experiences to help other female entrepreneurs gain their energy and mental clarity back, so that they can achieve their life goals!

Below are 3 tips for avoiding the afternoon energy crashes:

1. Keeping your blood sugar levels in optimal range throughout the day

Unhealthy habits that throw off your blood sugar levels:

· Caffeine on an empty stomach

· For some people going too long without eating

· Consuming junk food

How to keep it balanced:

· If you have caffeine wait until AFTER breakfast

· Eat 2-3 balanced meals a day

· Limit refined sugar and refined carbohydrates

2. Keeping your blood flow flowing

Unhealthy habits that can interfere with your blood flow:

· Sitting down for too long

· Crossing your legs

· Not drinking enough water

How to keep it balanced:

· Desk stretches

· Stand up desks

· Taking breaks for short walks

· Keeping hydrated (2 litres a day)

3. Doing the thing, planning the thing, or speaking about the thing that lights you up!

Alongside diet and movement, this is a key part of sustaining your energy levels. Sadly, this is often neglected as it can be found lower on people’s priority lists. However when we are engaging with the things we love that bring us joy, we literally generate energy in our body. If being artistic lights you up, bring more creativity into your day. If singing lights you up, sing in the shower at the top of your lungs. If your animals bring you joy, go and give them spontaneous cuddles. Not only will you have more energy, you will feel more motivated and inspired.

One of the hardest parts of living a healthy lifestyle is having the motivation, discipline and willpower to consistently show up for yourself. If you would like the support of a health coach that’s already made all the mistakes and has discovered the most potent and powerful strategy to support you in achieving your goals, check out how you can work with me here.


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