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Preparing for the Longest Night: Tips for Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice marks the shortest day of the year!


The winter months are a great time to go inwards, reflect and set your intentions for the year ahead. We can use this turning point in the year to ask ourselves a few questions.


Here are some journal prompts for you to reflect upon:


  1. What have I accomplished this year?

  2. What did I not accomplish that I wanted to this year?

  3. What did I achieve this year that I didn’t think was possible?

  4. What were my biggest challenges this year?

  5. What were my biggest areas of growth this year?

  6. What have I learnt this year?

  7. What limiting beliefs did I let go of this year?

  8. What relationships improved or deteriorated this year?

  9. What did I spend too much or too little time on this year?

  10. What did I let go of this year?


Some tips for the winter months:

☀️ Take vitamin D supplements (liquid version is best).

🤸‍♀️ Keep moving to keep warm. Especially when working from home, we may find that we’re a bit more sedentary and a bit more cold! Take breaks to move your body it will help warm you up.

🥔 Don’t fear complex carbohydrates e.g. potatoes. These are NOT the same as refined carbohydrates and are actually so incredibly nourishing for us during the winter months due to all the nutrients they provide.

🥕 The winter months is a great time to eat in season root vegetables.

😴 Sleep and rest is so important. When you can (perhaps on weekends) try to wake up naturally without your alarm.


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