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How Health Coaches Are Bridging the Gap

Have you noticed that when surgeons perform a procedure, they have a consultant to provide the aftercare? The surgeon is specialised in undertaking medical procedures and the consultant provides the advice and follow-up care based on their area of expertise. This is what’s missing from other health professions.

Gap between health professionals and aftercare
Health Professionals

What’s being increasingly noticed is that there’s a gap between health professionals such as nurses, reflexologists, kinesiologists, medical doctors, chiropractors, osteopaths, physiotherapists, nutritionists, naturopaths, herbalists and acupuncturists and the aftercare of their clients/ patients.

This is where Health Coaches come in!

Certified Health Coaches
Certified Health Coach

Health practitioners’ use their expertise to treat the ailments, but for the most part they don’t have the time to sit down to explain, educate and provide support for the advice or diagnosis given.

As Health Coaches our role is:

  • To bridge the gap between treatment and aftercare by helping patients implement and maintain a healthy lifestyle

  • Build rapports with the patients/ clients and get to know how to help them implement the advice given in a way that would work best for them

  • Provide an opportunity for patients to be listened to as other health professionals may not always have the time to offer this

  • Fill in the education gap to help empower clients to take their health into their own hands

Doctors and other health professionals are starting to utilise the opportunity of working with Health Coaches and Health Coaching is actually now available as part of the NHS Personalised Care Initiative. And this is just the beginning!

As a society we are becoming more health conscious, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic. So not only is the demand for seeking help increasing, but healthcare systems are overwhelmed and budgets are becoming increasingly tight. This is where Health Coaches are relieving the pressure. Patients are more likely to adhere to the advice given, less likely to relapse and have greater success at maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

If you are a health professional that’s interested in collaborating with a Health Coach, please get in touch here to enquire.


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