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The New Era

We are moving into a new era. An era where we cannot rely on the large corporations, national services or government. In this era, we as individuals are being encouraged to take responsibility for our own lives. We are being pushed to become more independent and autonomous. The blessing that the chaotic disruption is having is that the power is being shifted back into our own hands.

New paradigm

Everything seems to be crumbling around us and this is our opportunity to take back our own power.

We are becoming more conscious, we are realising that the big guys don’t really have our best interests at heart, we’re questioning the motives behind the organisations we engage with or purchase from and our values are changing.

You may notice more and more people are becoming self-employed and choosing how their work life balance looks. They’re seeking the autonomy to be able to work from wherever they wish, whenever they wish.

Now I’m here to guide you through this transition in the space of health.

Firstly, we can no longer rely on the marketing of the “health food” brands, we have to read the ingredients. Artificial sweeteners, refined sugar, chemicals and refined oils can all be found in “healthy” packaged foods, which are in fact NOT healthy.

Next, can we trust that the blue tooth radiation from these new wearable health tech devices aren’t going to impact our health in the future? I personally feel uneasy about them, but I guess we need to wait for more research to come out on the long-term exposure of wearing them.

Lastly, our healthcare system. The latest figures for May 2023 show[1]:

· Around 7.47 million people are waiting for treatment

· Nearly 3.03 million of these patients have been waiting over 18 weeks

· Around 385,000 of these patients have been waiting over a year for treatment

· The median waiting time for treatment is 14.1 weeks

From January to March 2023 alone[2]:

· 18,975 last minute elective operations were cancelled for non-clinical reasons

· 4,811 of patients were not treated within 28 days of the last-minute elective cancellation


Would you feel confident relying on this system to treat you when you get ill?

So, I would say we should do everything we can now to prevent ever being in the position to need to seek medical attention.

Unfortunately, the majority of people at the moment are used to accumulating toxins and stress in their body over time and then wait until they are ill to look for a pill or a quick fix to solve their health problem. This is something that needs to change. If we’re mindful about the amount of toxins we’re exposing ourselves to from a young age, we can prevent a lot of health issues and the need to seek medical help.

This time we are living in is really tough for a lot of people. The world is reshaping. The old needs to break down to make room for the new. It’s like we’re in a snow globe that’s being shaken up. Once the snow settles, we will be living in a new paradigm. A paradigm where we as individuals are conscious and aware of the toxins around us and where our health is seen as a priority. In this new paradigm we have control over our health and less people will be dependent on a slow, unreliable national health system.

We are gaining our power back. We just need to learn how to utilise it.

I’m a holistic health coach that is here to empower people to take autonomy and control of their health by having the awareness, knowledge and tools to do so.

Check out my website to see how I may be able to support you on your health journey.


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